Ducky One3 SF Doom Limited Edition RGB keyboard



Ducky One3 SF DOOM®​​​​​​​ Limited Edition

Prepare to embark on a thrilling journey to the depths of hell and beyond, as two legendary entities, Ducky and Bethesda Softworks, bring the power of DOOM® to your keyboard.

Ducky x DOOM One 3 SF Limited Edition is available only in 666 pcs for the ANSI and 666 pcs for the ISO layouts. Limited numbers are laser engraved on the golden plate. Embrace the might of the Slayer and seize control to conquer the demons.

QUACK Mechanics

All standard Ducky One 3 Series mechanical keyboards are hot-swappable and feature Kailh’s hot-swap sockets. Coloured in vibrant yellow, Kailh sockets are chosen for their impressive reliability. Users can simply mount switches into place and pull them out without going through the trouble of desoldering switches, making it the most efficient option to enjoy a wide range of mechanical switches.

Authentic Acoustics

A multi-layered padding design is present to spotlight raw acoustics from your switches of choice and reduce unwanted noise during use. Chosen from 17 different rubber compounds, the Q-Bounce pad (fitted within the PCB) significantly aids in achieving the goals above. In addition, a layer of EVA foam pad is underneath the PCB.

True.PBT Dye-sublimation

The legend is laser engraved onto the side of a PBT keycap, then a dye material is applied to the void. This makes the image highly visible. The print method is used exclusively for PBT keycaps and the keys are extremely resilient to wear.

3 Level Adjustable Feet

The keyboard can be adjusted into three placement angles, optimising typing comfortability and legend visibility.

RGB Lighting Effects

Personalise your keyboard with effects built into the keyboard. Change brightness, speed, and color, and make your keyboard shine with your very own style.


Brands Ducky
Size 65%
Switch Type Cherry MX Brown
Backlit RGB
Keycaps PBT
Weight 1.2kg