Ducky ProjectD Outlaw 65 Barebone DIY Keyboard Kit ISO Layout


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**PLEASE NOTE - Switches and Keycaps not included.**

  • Shift the Rules
    Whether in gaming or work, ProjectD's keyboards provide users with a better experience, immersing them in the infinite joy brought by the ultimate quality and design.

  • Start with the Material
    The ProjectD is comprised of premium aluminum materials, forged through a tedious manufacturing process to achieve its premium and dynamic build. CNC machining, sandblasting, polishing, and anodization are examples of numerous manufacturing stages undertaken to create this exceptional casing.

  • Assemble
    You will assemble this keyboard yourself. Underneath the sleek CNC machined aluminum case with a carbon bottom plate, you have the option to choose the traditional bottom plate. In general, we also provide a wider range of alternatives, such as POM, FR-4, and Polycarbonate, among others.

  • FR-4
    FR-4 glass epoxy is a versatile high-pressure thermoset plastic laminate grade with high stiffness to weight ratios.

  • POM
    Polyoxymethylene(POM) is an engineering thermoplastic with lithe, low friction, and excellent stability.

  • Features
    - CNC aluminum casing design
    - Layout: 65% with QMK/VIA, Hot-swappable (ANSI/ISO)
    - Mounting Styles: Gasket mount
    - Switches / Backlight: South-facing RGB LED
    - Stabilizers: PCB Stabilizers
    - Typing angle: 5° & 7.9°

  • Materials
    - Plate MaterialsPOM / FR-4
    - Dampening materialsPoron
    - Gasket materials: Rubber / Poron

  • Limited First Batch
    Upon receiving the Outlaw product, users will find all the Outlaw components in the keyboard package, and they will need to assemble the keyboard from scratch.

  • For the Pros
    Additionally, the keyboard does not come with switches and keycaps, which means professional users can choose their preferred products. The Outlaw keyboard features an all-aluminum alloy exterior, custom materials inside, and a gasket mount structure at the bottom, resulting in an exceptional typing feel and sound feedback.


Size 65%
Brands Ducky
Backlit RGB
Keycaps None
Model Number PKOU2367IST-ISO01
Weight 3.2kg