Mistel Air One Grey 65% RGB Ultra Low Profile Keyboard



Experience the lightness. Weighing in at a crazy 295grams and 5.08mm thickness this has to be one of the slimmest yet incredibly sturdy keyboard on the market.

Cherry ULP MX Switches.
Ultra low profile high precision mechanical switch with tactile feeling or audible feedback.

Super Slim Profile Keycap
ABS made with laser carving that feels extremely stable and providing a better posture while typing ​​​​​​.

Detachable USB C Cable
USB C for a more stable connection with ports in both the left and right hand side of the keyboard.

Programmable Macro & Remapping Support
Entire keyboard is programmable to assign a macro and remapping to most keys and create key bindings so you can customise the keyboard based on your needs, whether your a gamer, typist or programmer.

Sound Absorbing Foam
EVA sound-absorbing foam can greatly improve the sound and reduce vibration.

System Compatibility
Easily switch between MacOS and Windows for different systems via the DIP switch.


Brands Mistel
Size 65%
Switch Type Cherry MX ULP Tactile
Backlit RGB
Keycaps ABS
Model Number MD68-TUSBLBRA1
Layout US
Weight 1kg