PowerWalker VFI 2000RT LCD/UK UPS 1800W


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  • Rack/Tower design with swappable LCD direction
  • High efficiency results in energy saving with output power factor 0.9
  • Selectable line sensitivity allowing generator support
  • USB with Human Interface Device (HID) support and Intelligent Slot for communication cards

The PowerWalker VFI RT/PRT HID is the flagship system of the PowerWalker brand. This online UPS comes with a robust design as well as a high efficiency and reliability. The VFI RT/PRT HID is a popular solution for small and large network cabinets, and micro data centers.

In addition to the usual functionality (e.g. external battery packs, optional network communication, HID support), the UPS offers programmable outlets (1-3KVA) and parallel operation (6-10KVA).

Due to its 2U design and adjustable LCD display, the UPS can be installed inside any regular 19 rack cabinet or used as tower system.


Brand PowerWalker
UPS Technology Online
Model Number 10120138
Type Rackmount Series
Output Power 1800W
Output Connections UK Plug 0
Output Connections IEC 8
Weight 19.7kg