Silverstone Air Blazer 120mm ARGB Fan



Brilliant addressable RGB radiator and heatsink fan

■ PWM enabled and optimized for radiator and heatsink use

■ Displays any color combination by use of an addressable RGB controller or capable motherboard

■ Equipped with Hydro Bearing for long life and low operational noise

■ Integrated rubber padding helps to further reduce vibrational noise

■ Utilizes standard ARGB 4-1 Pin for compatibility with most ARGB-capable motherboards and controllers


Brand Silverstone
Size 120mm
Colour ARGB
Fan Airlow 25.62 ~ 93.97 CFM (1500rpm)
Fan Air Pressure 0.26~3.53mm H2O
Fan Speed 600-2200 RPM
Fan Noise Level 7.4~35.6 dBA
Fan Bearing Hydro Bearing
Fan Connector 4-Pin PWM + 4-1 pin ARGB (5V LED)
Weight 0.21kg