Vortex Poker 3 UK Layout



The Vortex Poker3 is a highly regarded 60% mechanical keyboard, known for its compact size and customisable layout. Featuring Cherry MX switches and durable PBT keycaps, this keyboard is available in various switch types to suit individual preferences. Its programmable layout allows for personalized key functions and macros, while the built-in layer system enables easy switching between different layouts and functions. The sleek design of this keyboard includes a black case and white keycaps, and it comes with a detachable USB cable for portability and compatibility with different devices. The Vortex Poker3 is an excellent choice for those seeking an efficient and functional keyboard in a small package.


Brands Vortex
Size 60%
Switch Type Cherry MX Brown
Backlit RGB
Keycaps ABS
Model Number VTG-6100 Brown
Weight 1.06kg